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Author Topic: Cross On The Rock: Farmer Bill's Cattle X-ing  (Read 4465 times)


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Cross On The Rock: Farmer Bill's Cattle X-ing
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:00:33 AM »
It had all the elements of a  Belgian National Championship with wind, rain, mud, cows and tractors. Spectators too. Not only were the racers dodging cow-patties, they were also avoiding volleys of marshmallows and being tempted by jello-shot hand ups. A crew of Island Racing Club cyclo-cross racers left the balmy and sunny atmosphere of Victoria this last Sunday and crossed into the valley of shadows and rain, into a cyclo-cross perfect storm to compete at the farm - a working farm, replete with critters, farm equipment, rolling, undulating hills and a barn to ride through.

Intermediate Women: First to race and with hardly any time to warm up, Shannon continued her domination of the intermediate women by taking 1st in the four lap circuit in 41:06 with  the closest competitor 0:48 behind. She kept her prey in sight and then opened up a major can of whoopness to drop the race leader with two laps to go. She's fast-tracking up to the pinnacle of series standing leader in no time.   

Paul Brend  mixed it up in a style only he can deliver in the Masters Men category (40 - 54) with a solid 11th place and time of 59:29 over 6 laps and 36 racers. That category is fast and furious considering the Normon Thibault is racing this age group.   The fury of his pedaling power chewed the course up and all the while one could hear him "Excuseer Mij" and "Kom met mij mee!" as he passed hapless mud-sopping age-groupers while guzzling a fine Belgian brew. In the interminable words of Firmin Van Kerrebroeck, "Vind je het leuk?"

The Expert Men....the last race of the event....the prime attraction...the premier showing of Vancouver Island and beyond cyclo-cross stallions competed in  6 laps over a very slippery, exceptionally muddy, cow-patty infused degraded course ( thanks to Mr Brend's exceptional power in the rear wheel gouging out ruts) saw Curtis Schlossberger hold his own on this challenging venue for 15th  57:45 and in my opinion, garnering the award for the most muddy of the bike and rider category as well as a solid "That deserved a two hose wash-down! pat on the back"

In the Geritol category (55+) with a field of 9 racers and directly before nap-time, I competed 6 laps in 1:00:34 in an effort to beat my competitors to the bike washing station. I was able to avoid the surging pack and my ebbing energy by gulping jello-shots and marshmallows to fuel me to my prize: stopping.

I want to thank Paul for bringing the IRC tent and to the 4 cinder blocks that kept it from flying away.

Our sponsor Straight Up Cycling was there with prizing and representing all that is good about cycling! Well done!

All in all, a well organized race with great people and perfect cyclo-cross weather. Come out to the next Cross on the Rock race November 2, 2014 Western Speed Way! Come out and play, volunteer, drink beer and eat Frites! Or maybe do it all.
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